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Passion, Excellence & Integrity

How Pro Portables Has Become a Leader In Granny Flats, Office Sites and Portable Building Design, Supply & Construction.

Pro Portables has a well-earned reputation with people for quality, passion, excellence and integrity thanks to our experience, quality products and customer care philosophy.

While we’re continually innovating, we’re also committed to the little things that make a BIG difference in our customers’ lives and their service experience, from customers sending their photos in when their new granny flat is being delivered, to them sending us more photos as it starts to get set up in their yard, to seeing someone finally living in it and using it.

Of course, if only it were so easy!

One thing we’ve learned about supplying granny flats, onsite training rooms and offices and other portable buildings to people for many years is that we know what to look for when it comes to holiday cabins, granny flats and portable homes, but unfortunately most of the general public don’t!

In all honesty, with so many relocatable homes and portable building services around, it is very easy for people with little or no knowledge to get caught up with all the flashy bells and whistles.

Instead of focusing on what they want their granny flat or portable office or building for and how they are going to use it, they get caught up in the sales pitch.

This is one of the core reasons why we give you a free information pack. This way you can take your time to read through the pros and cons of owning a portable building or granny flat, and decide on what suits you best depending on what you need it for, without any sales pitch or pressure.

Fill In The Form & Get Free Instant Pricing Now!